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Under Illinois law, a breach of contract often makes for a complex legal matter. In Illinois, a contract is assumed to have been formed when three conditions are met. Those conditions are:

  • An offer by one party
  • An acceptance by a second party
  • A “consideration” that is exchanged (money for goods or services, etc.)

If these conditions are met, it can be assumed that a legal contract has been formed. The contract does not need to be drafted and then signed by both parties in order to be valid, although this is much easier to prove the other party did not hold up their end of the bargain if you have a written agreement on the exact considerations.

A contract is said to be breached if one party fails to provide their consideration. If you believe someone has breached a contract with you, you’ll have to prove three factors exist (and all three of these exist) in order to have a valid claim. They are:

  • A legal contract exists
  • One party failed to live up to their end of the bargain
  • One party suffered damages as a result of breached contract

There are also other types of breaches. A fundamental breach is one that breaks a fundamental aspect of the agreement, an aspect so important that the wronged party can terminate the fulfillment of the entire contract. An anticipatory breach is where one party has every reason to suspect that the other party will breach, even if they have not yet, so they repudiate their part of the agreement first.

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