Free Consultations for a Variety of Business Litigation Cases

Do you have a contract you are about to enter into with another party? Are you about to form a contract with someone and want an attorney to review or revise what you are trying to accomplish? Contract law is an extremely complex area of practice, especially when dealing with large amounts of materials, currency or property. Consulting a lawyer for your business litigation case is strongly recommended.

The Law Office of Paul M. Marriett has experience in consumer and commercial contracting situations and would be happy to assist you in any endeavor that requires a contract or help with business litigation in Rockford, Machesney Park, Loves Park, Winnebago County or any of the surrounding Illinois communities.

Breach of Contract Disputes

In many cases, contracts list where and what forms of relief are available to the injured party. If you need help determining what claims may be made against you or by you, contact Rockford attorney Paul M. Marriett at (815) 391-0089 today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Creation of Leasing or Rental Contracts

The Illinois rules on leasing or rental contracts specify that for any lease over a year, it must be evidenced in writing with a signature. Contact us if you are moving to a new house and need to rent your old one, or you’re a property manager seeking an agent to handle your leases.

Commercial Contract Drafting and Litigation

The Law Office of Paul M. Marriett has defended and fought for businesses that have had lawsuits filed against them for various actions stemming from contracts. Contact our team if you need assistance on a per case basis or if you would like to put our office on permanent retainer for any of your legal needs that may arise.

Small Claims Actions

We can aggressively pursue or defend you against any small claims action. As this area of the law can bring in a wide variety of potential claims, call for a free consultation to see how we may best serve you.

Real Estate

Our legal team can assist you with any real estate matter both consumer and commercial. We have successfully handled such matters as commercial and consumer closings, and the accompanying documents for each.


Do you have a trademark that you need registered, or have questions about the procedure? Call the Law Office of Paul M. Marriett at (815) 391-0089 for a free consultation.


Do you have a question about applying for a copyright? We have handled these applications for clients and would love to assist you in the process. Please call for a free consultation.