When Facing the Creation or Review of Contracts, Contact Attorney Paul M. Marriett

Most people enter into contracts on a regular basis, whether they fully understand it or not. They sign property leases, vehicle and equipment leases, advertising agreements, phone system leases, website development and maintenance agreements, banking documents and numerous other contracts in the usual course of business. Some of those contracts are simple, easy-to-understand documents,while others are all but incomprehensible. It is not uncommon for otherwise very careful people to glance over a document during the creation or review of contracts and just sign them without really knowing what they or another party are obliged to do.

In addition to making good business sense, a contract must also make good legal sense. If you are considering entering into a contract with another party, is in your best interest to have a contract undergo a thorough business review and a thorough legal review. Contract law is an extremely complex area of practice, especially when dealing with large amounts of materials, currency or property. Make sure you have a skilled lawyer on your side to help you with creation or review of contracts and other legal documents.

A legal contract often features various moving parts and can get very tedious. Things like term negotiation to make the deal happen, double-checking the business terms (price, amount, duration, etc.), deciding on automatic renewals, causes for termination, dates and deadlines and a variety of other points can be burdensome if you attempt to undertake them without legal counsel.

The best time to receive legal advice is before any legal document is signed, as even the most straightforward contract can contain terminology or innocuous phrasing that can create major problems later. The Law Office of Paul M. Marriett has extensive experience in consumer and commercial contracting situations and can assist you in any endeavor that requires a contract.

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