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    The Law Office of Paul M. Marriett

    Protect Your Rights. Trusted Negligence, Injury, and Accident Lawyers in Winnebago County

    Get the help you need. If you've experienced an injury or accident that could have been avoided we can help. Hiring our personal injury lawyers can save you time, reduce your stress, give you a better chance at winning maximum compensation, or provide guidance that can help you understand what your claim is worth and what to do next. 

    Contact Our Law Office. We Can Help:

    • Evaluate and determine if you have a valid claim.
    • Provide legal guidance and other professional help.
    • Navigate the legal system for a button tight argument. 
    • Help negotiate proper settlements with insurance companies.
    • Build your strongest case. Every case is prepared for trial. Many lawyers do not intend to go to court and therefor build weaker cases. 
    • Seek MAXIMUM compensation for your injuries, physically and mentally. 

    Our Mission

    Our mission at The Law Office of Paul M. Marriett is to offer legal support to those who have suffered harm due to another's negligence. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to justice, and we stand behind our clients in the pursuit of their rights and due compensation. We understand the toll a personal injury can take – physically, emotionally, and financially – and we are here to provide unwavering support throughout the process.

    There is NO FEE to contact us to see if you have a case.

    Rockford’s Top-Rated Attorney

    Key Areas of Practice

    Rockford Personal Injury Attorney Paul Marriett

    Personal Injury

    Personal injury refers to any harm to your mind, body, or emotions caused by someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions. This includes car accidents, work injuries, slip and fall accidents, abuse, and more. Personal injury law covers medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other damages. You don’t pay us unless we win your case.

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    Rockford Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Marriett

    Criminal Defense

    Our office is a premier criminal defense firm. If you or a loved one are facing a criminal charge, we offer personal service to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. You’ll work with one lawyer, you’ll have their cell phone number and e-mail address at all times, and there is zero run-around trying to get in touch with your attorney. You’ll never have an associate or some other stand-in with you in court.

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    Rockford Personal Injury Attorney Paul Marriett


    Our office provides a high quality defense to any and all DUI charges. From routine first offenders that need charges dismissed through court supervision to CDL drivers that seek amendments to lesser charges, we’ve done it all. If your charge leaves you with the prospect of a revoked driver’s license or prison time, we are adept at fighting the cases that need fought. We’ve successfully argued motions to suppress and motions to strike prior convictions essentially taking away evidence the state needs to support more significant charges.

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    Rockford Traffic Violations Attorney Paul Marriett


    Our office represents hundreds of drivers every year throughout Northern Illinois. From petty speeding tickets we fight to keep off of motor vehicle record reports to more significant driving while license suspended offenses, to overweight commercial vehicle citations that can have fines exceeding $50,000 at stake. We stay up to date on the Illinois vehicle codes, the case law, and creative defenses that can help when litigating cases that can impact a client’s ability to drive, and/or earn a living.

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    Questions to ask when hiring an attorney

    Why choose us as your personal injury lawyer or criminal defense lawyer?

    Ultimately, you control the direction you want your case to go. Our practice is service oriented. From the moment you come in with your legal problem, you will be asked, “What are your goals while working with us?” We work both with and for you. What you want to have happen is the ultimate goal we work toward.

    When you work with the Law Office of Paul M. Marriett, you can expect to receive top-rated negotiation and litigation expertise that will help us obtain the favorable personal injury outcome that your case deserves.

    What’s it like using a personal injury lawyer or criminal defense lawyer?

    From the initial meeting until your case is resolved, you will be able to approach us with questions, concerns, issues, and your thoughts. You will always get an honest opinion or explanation of how various decisions can impact and influence your case, and you can rely on us to be there for you. We know that anyone seeking out services to deal with a traumatic injury, criminal charge, DUI, or traffic case is dealing with one of the most stressful, painful, and emotionally draining parts of their life. We have been able to represent family members and friends in a host of legal matters and have represented thousands of folks in their cases.

    Will I need to have a trial to resolve my case?

    While very few cases do end up at a trial, we prepare every case as though it will go into litigation and assume that we will be asking a jury or judge to rule in our favor to resolve your case. In interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports, consulting with treatment providers, and working closely with our clients, we utilize a high level of preparation to reach better settlement terms whether by settling with an insurance provider, business, or the government with a plea agreement. We know it’s never someone’s best day when they call us, but we strive to make sure that when their case ends whether through trial, or a settlement agreement, that, that day is one of those best days for our client and their family.

    What areas does your law office cover?

    Our trial practice is concentrated throughout the criminal and civil courts of Illinois. While our primary office is located in Rockford, Illinois, we faithfully serve citizens throughout the State having litigated various civil and criminal matters from Rockford, to Chicago, to East St. Louis, practicing in the following counties extensively: Winnebago, Stephenson, Boone Jo Daviess, Carroll, Whiteside, Lee, Ogle, DeKalb, McHenry, Kane, and Cook County (Chicago).

    For a thorough, free, and no obligation consultation for your personal injury including needing a car accident lawyer or criminal defense related matter, call, text message, or contact us immediately through the contact us section of this page, we look forward to helping you.

    Rockford, Illinois Attorney

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