Illinois Secretary of State Point System

Learn About the Illinois Point System for Traffic Offenses

The Illinois Secretary of State Point System accounts for your traffic violations. Each time you are convicted of a moving violation, points are tallied in the Secretary’s system. These offenses include speeding, driving while license suspended/revoked or DUI. Note: A conviction resulting in Court Supervision or Conditional Discharge does not count points against your license).

More serious traffic related offenses will cause more points to be accumulated against your license. If you accumulate too many points on your driving record, the Secretary of State can suspend or revoke your driving privileges. If you are under the age of 21 and receive two convictions for speeding within a one-year period, the Illinois Secretary of State can revoke or suspend your driver’s license. For those 21 or over, three speeding convictions within a one-year period may result in a suspension or revocation of driving privileges.

The duration of the suspension or revocation period depends upon the number of points that have accumulated against your driver’s license. The amount of points assessed depends upon the violation and not the number of convictions.

The guideline amounts based on the number of children are:

1-10 mph over the limit: 5 points
11-14 mph over the limit: 10 points
15-25 mph over the limit: 20 points
More than 25 mph over the limit: 50 points
Over the maximum speed limit in a school zone: 20 points
Under the minimum speed limit: 5 points
Under the minimum speed limit on an Illinois tollway: 20 points
Not driving in the right-hand lane when proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic: 20 points
Exceeding the maximum speed limit on a bridge or elevated structure: 10 points

It is critically importnat to know just how any Illinois traffic violation can effect that status of your driver’s license. To better understand the Illinois Secretary of State Point System in the Rockford, Illinois, area, contact the Law Office of Paul M. Marriett for a free consultation. To see what options are available to you in all traffic violation cases, call us at (815) 391-0089 contact us securely through the form on this page, or email our office.

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