Traffic Citation Classifications

Hire Attorney Paul M. Marriett When Facing a Traffic Citation

Below are the types of traffic citation classifications in Illinois:

  • Business violation: To drive on highways in the State of Illinois you must have a valid registration as well as current liability insurance. If you fail to have either of these items you can be charged with a “business violation.” In most circumstances, these are punishable by fines only.
  • Equipment violation: While you are driving your vehicle on any road in Illinois, you must ensure your vehicle does not risk harming other people or property. An example of such a violation would be a headlight out, a broken tail light, or even driving with your high beams on. Resolving any such malfunction can help keep other roadway users safe.
  • Misdemeanor Driving Offense: These are traffic-related charges and are classified as a “Class A misdemeanor,” punishable by up to 24 months of court supervision, conditional discharge, or probation and up to 364 days in jail with up to $2,500 in fines.
  • Pretext Stops: In the state of Illinois, a police officer can pull your vehicle over for any of the listed reasons. This means that if an officer suspects you have done something more serious, they can pull you over for a traffic-related stop. This is referred to as a “pre-textual” stop. This gives the driver of a vehicle on an Illinois roadway even more of an incentive to keep their vehicle up to safety standards and driving within the rule of the law to avoid being pulled over. It also helps your attorney defend you against a “pre-textual stop,” because the legal team can, in most circumstances, review dash cams to see whether such a violation actually occurred. If no violation mentioned in the above traffic citation classifications occurred, then any evidence gathered for any crime post-stop can be suppressed, which is a key reason to retain a lawyer when faced with such a charge.

For additional information on traffic-related violations in Illinois, view the 2017 Offense Code Index.

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