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Sex crime allegations can damage your name and reputation. Sex crimes and accusations are amongst the most serious criminal crimes. When dealing with criminal sexual assault, aggravated sexual abuse or child pornography due to the nature of these allegations it is not uncommon for detectives, prosecutors and witnesses to unfairly judge a suspect before he or she is proven guilty in a court of law. It is often easier to condemn a suspect accused of a sex crime than to question the accuser in the reliability of their story.

At The Law Office of Paul M. Marriett we treat our clients like human beings that deserve the presumption of innocence. Often times in sex cases (in cases that lack physical evidence), the case hinges solely on the words of the accuser. The penalties after a sex crime conviction are among the harshest penalties under the law.

If you have been arrested, charged, accused or are being investigated for a sex crime – it is important to talk with an experienced sex crime defense attorney right away.

We can help you understand:

  • How much do sex crime defense lawyers cost?
  • How to choose a sex crime defense attorney?
  • What sex crimes are felonies?
  • When you need to hire a sex crime defense lawyer?
  • Who to hire to represent you if you are charged or accused of a sex crime?
  • Why it is important to hire a sex crime lawyer if you have been charged or accused?
  • Why you may need to hire a sex crime defense attorney?

Our sex crime defense lawyer defends people accused of all types of sex crimes. Some cases can involve challenges to DNA and other forensic evidence, others can involve the testimony of witnesses, unreliable victim statements or unqualified investigators. Whatever the particular circumstances of the case, we will work hard to build the strongest defense possible — we work for YOU and YOUR RIGHTS!

We advise people about the best ways to resolve such charges as:

  • Adult Sex Offenses
  • Age of Consent
  • Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse
  • Child Pornography
  • Child Sex Offenses
  • Criminal Sexual Assault
  • Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault
  • Prostitution & Solicitation
  • Sex Crimes Involving Minors
  • Solicitation of a Minor for Sex Over the Internet
  • State or Federal Child Pornography Charges
  • Statutory Rape
  • Unlawful Dissemination of Pornographic Material (Revenge Porn)

Child Pornography Attorney

There are few crimes that have more of a negative reaction than being charged with possession, distribution, or production of child pornography. If you have been accused of downloading, storing, exchanging or distributing child pornography over the Internet, you are risking a long mandatory prison term and huge fines, especially if your case is in the federal criminal justice system. Child pornography can be prosecuted in both the state and federal courts. Many cases are investigated by federal authorities, and the U.S. Attorney’s office will handle the indictment and prosecution.

If you are under investigation or charged with child pornography, do not volunteer anything. Law enforcement and prosecutors will attempt to convince you that everything will be easier for you if you cooperate with them – don’t do it. Do not answer any questions without a lawyer present and do not hand anything over to them without a properly issued search warrant. Do not agree to a plea without legal advice – doing so will likely require that you become a registered sex offender. Once you are on that registry, it is very difficult to get removed from it. This can impact the rest of your life!

Penalties for Charges of Child Pornography

The penalties for a conviction are harsh and can include:

  • Distribution of child pornography has a minimum mandatory sentence of ten (10) years in prison and prison terms of much longer time periods are possible
  • Possession of child pornography can result in a sentence with a mandatory minimum of four (4) to fifteen (15) years in prison, which usually is dependent on the volume of child pornography in the accused’s possession and the nature of the images; this sentencing range can be increased to thirty (30) years in prison if the child depicted is under the age of thirteen (13)
  • Production of child pornography charges that lead to a conviction will result in a minimum prison term of ten (10) years and may result in a twenty (20) year sentence


We can help you with:

  • Sex Crime Defenses
  • Understanding the Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction
  • What To Do If You Are Accused
  • What To Do If You Are Arrested
  • What To Do If You Are Under Investigation
  • What You Need To Know

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