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Areas Served – Rockford IL Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer

The Law Offices of Paul Marriett serve all of northern Illinois, from Galena in Joy Daviess County all the way east to Chicago and Cook County. We are a personal injury, criminal defense, immigration and estate planning attorney with extensive experience in the Winnebago County court systems, and beyond. Our team is top-rated and works with a variety of cases, from DUI to a work or business premises injury — chances are we can help — give us a call to find out!

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While much of our work keeps us close to the area between Freeport and Belvidere (including at our home base here in Rockland) — we’ve helped clients with a variety of issues like car accident cases, slip and fall injuries, and DUI cases all over Northern Illinois get justice. If you’re looking for help in one of the counties we serve, please be sure to give us a call to discuss options and what we can do to help.

Winnebago County

We are located in Rockford IL which is the county seat of Winnebago County. Consequently, we do most of our work here — and the county courthouse is just down the street from our location on State Street. We’re also just a block from the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Boone County

We have assisted many clients in Boone County over the years — either helping them stay out of court, or representing them in county court in Belvidere, just a short drive away from our location in Rockford. We’re happy to help, contact us today.

McHenry County

McHenry County is still near enough for us to help out in the event you need a lawyer for a personal injury, criminal defense issue, or to help with Visa issues. We have assisted clients in a variety of cases, from traffic violations to visa applications. Our lawyers have experience with a wide variety of cases, and we’re positioned well to help you, even if we have to visit the county seat of Woodstock, IL to represent you in court — we’re less than an hour from the courthouse.

DeKalb County

DeKalb County is just south of Winnebago county, and the county seat of Sycamore is less than an hour from our offices in Rockford. If you need representation but live in Dekalb County, give us a call — we can help, even if you’re down the road a bit. Many times we can handle your case without having to spend any time on the road. If you live in DeKalb County, but need help with estate planning, immigration, personal injury or criminal defense issue in Winnebago County courts, we’re here to assist, give us a call.

Kane County

Kane County is a bit closer to Cook County than it is to us in Rockford — but we still have assisted clients from the area. If you’ve received a traffic ticket in Winnebago County, chances are you’d have to come back here for court. Our team of experts is just down the street and can help you quickly and efficiently. If you need a lawyer for a matter in Kane County — our lawyers can assist. The county seat of Geneva is just over an hour from our location here in Rockford.

Ogle County

Ogle County is just southwest of Winnebago county — just a quick 30-minute drive over to the county seat of Oregon. Paul’s team can represent you there, or help you with any Winnebago County court needs you may have here — or within the US District Court of Northern Illinois, also located in Rockford.

Stevenson County

Just straight west of Rockford and you’ll soon cross over into Stevenson County, Illinois. Their county seat, Freeport, is less than 30 minutes from our offices here in Rockford, and we are easy to access — just travel east on Highway 20 and you’ll drive right past our door! If you need help in Stevenson or Winnebago counties with a car accident, immigration, or criminal case, The Law Offices of Paul Marriett can help.

Lake County

Lake County is just south of McHenry County with a county seat on the far eastern side of the county in Waukegan. While it’s a bit further than other county seats, it’s still under 2 hours for us to travel over if the need to actually appear in court comes about — you’d be surprised how often we can take care of many kinds of cases without actually having to appear in the courthouse.

Cook County

Cook County is home to Chicago, and sometimes cases need to be escalated and appealed to the district or appeals courts located in the city. We can help. Paul has a lot of experience before the immigration courts in Chicago and can help with I.C.E. Holds and immigration issues.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our clients think we’re the best attorneys in the State Line area!

“I contacted Paul after searching high and low for attorneys, and reading countless reviews. All of the positive reviews on Paul Marriett hold true. Paul is extremely knowledgeable, dependable, reliable, and easily accessible. You can text him anytime with questions or concerns, and he gets back to you fast! He is excellent at explaining any and every possible scenario with any legal situation, and stays realistic to what the possible outcome will be while doing everything he can to get the best outcome for you. He definitely delivered for me and the best outcome possible for my own situation. I’ll recommend Paul Marriett to anyone in need of an attorney. Easily one of the best in the state line area, if not THE best!”

Rating: 5/5

Dalton C., Aug 19, 2019

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