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he juvenile criminal justice system works toward intervention and rehabilitation, rather than punishment.

Judges often are willing to consider counseling, educational courses and other alternatives to incarceration and detention. In order to increase the odds of receiving such a favorable outcome, it is important to work with a professional juvenile defense lawyer who understands the rules of the juvenile court system.

Rockford based Illinois lawyer Marriett Legal is dedicated to getting second chances for troubled teens. In cases involving non-violent criminal offenses, attorney Paul Marriett will work to convince the court to reduce the original charge to probation, community service or counseling as an alternative, if at all possible. In violent offense cases, Marriett Legal works with counselors, psychologists and social workers to contextualize behavior to help convince the court that the offender needs help and not incarceration.

Juvenile criminal defense attorney Marriett Legal counsels juvenile clients charged in most crimes, including:

Avoiding time behind bars for youths

Nationally, more juveniles are being charged as adults when violence is involved. If the court believes a juvenile knowingly acted in a criminal manner, the likelihood of his or her being charged as an adult increases dramatically. In Rockford, Machesney Park, Loves Park, and in Winnebago and Rock Island County, lawyer Marriett Legal will consult with experts in order to help convince the court to avoid charging a young person as an adult.

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