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t Marriett Legal, we take legal immigrants and undocumented immigrants and help them with their immigration law related issues. Whether that legal issue is a new marriage that allows the new spouse to obtain a green card and then citizenship, or an undocumented immigrant facing an Illinois criminal charge that is subject to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Hold (commonly referred to as an I.C.E. Hold/ICE Hold).

Immigration laws are confusing, but because many lawyers in the Rockford are not familiar with the ins and outs of removal procedures, what may be a “good plea deal” for a U.S. citizen may result in immigration status consequences to an undocumented immigrant. Don't settle for an inexperienced or unqualified attorney.

Rockford based Illinois attorney Marriett Legal has experience in immigration cases in the Rockford, Machesney Park, Loves Park, and Winnebago County at large, as well as many counties and communities throughout Illinois.

We have listed some areas of immigration law that may be of interest to you or your loved one. Know that my office is dedicated to you and to your family during your time of need; it is not unusual for someone from my office to travel with your friend or family members bond check to Chicago and physically wait at the I.C.E. field office to make your family members bond payment. After doing this, we even make arrangements on having them returned to the Rockford area for you.

To speak with a skilled attorney about legal matters involving immigration and visas, contact attorney Marriett Legal's office at (815) 391-0089 or use the contact form above or to the right to receive a prompt response within 24 hours.

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