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s a lawyer that grew up around muscle and sports cars, and that has spent considerable amount of time on the race track, I understand how people involved in that hobby can sometimes be cited for taking it to the public highways.

In Illinois, including Winneback County, Rock Island County, Mercer County, Whiteside County, and Henry County, street racing carries a significant penalty and is a Class A Misdemeanor.

Illinois Statute 625 ILCS 5/11-506(a)(1) describes street racing as:

  1. The operation of two or more vehicles from a point side by side at accelerating speeds in a competitive attempt to outdistance each other, or
  2. The operation of one or more vehicles over a common selected course, each starting at the same point, for the purpose of comparing the relative speeds or power acceleration of such vehicle or vehicles within a certain distance or time limit; or
  3. The use of one or more vehicles in an attempt to outgain or outdistance another vehicle or
  4. The use of one or more vehicles to prevent another vehicle from passing; or
    • The use of one or more vehicles to arrive at a given destination ahead of another vehicle or vehicles; or
    • The use of one or more vehicles to test the physical stamina or endurance of drivers over long-distance driving routes.

The penalty for street racing in Illinois is a Class A Misdemeanor for a first offense. The range if you’re convicted is up to 364 days in jail, a fine up to $2,500; and up to 24 months of probation/conditional discharge/or court supervision. A conviction of street racing will also trigger an automatic revocation of your Illinois driver's license. Additionally, a second violation of the above listed street racing statute could mean you will be charged with a Class 4 Felony.

When facing street racing charges in Illinois, it is important to contact a skilled lawyer. To obtain quality legal representation for traffic violations in Rockford, Machesney Park, Loves Park, Winnebago County or the surrounding Illinois counties, contact attorney Marriett Legal for a free consultation. To see what options are available to you, call us at (815) 391-0089, contact us securely through the link listed below, or email our office.

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